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Ruby Engagement Ring

The Gracious Gem With Beauty And Meaning


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Few jewelry buyers would not be aware of the ruby gem, a stunning pinkish red to red gemstone that was once available only to the powerful royals. Wearing a ruby engagement ring is an excellent idea for more than one reason. Remember that the color red symbolizes true love, loyalty and sacrifice. These are qualities that form the basis of a healthy and long lasting marriage. When a girl is gifted or buys herself a gold or 925 silver ruby engagement ring, she would be marking that special day with a gem that is rarer than a diamond. If there is one issue about ruby rings it generally is, the steep price. A rare gem with historic demand can never be cheap - so you really cannot blame a ruby for being expensive. Having said that, we will present a few scintillating ruby rings in this report with price tags that might come as a pleasant surprise for many young couples. And we surely do not expect you to  compromise on gem authenticity, craftmanship or durability when it comes to this special jewel. So keep a close eye on the contents of this report, the information is bound to educate you and equip you to choose the right ring.

Rubies and sapphires belong to the corundum mineral family and are known for their hardness and durability. It would be fair to say that both these gems are rare but, gem quality ruby is definitely harder to find and therefore commands a higher price. Many centuries ago, people relied merely on stone color to identify a gemstone and so, virtually any red gem was classified as a ruby. But when buying a ruby engagement ring today, you need to be sure that the jeweler is reputed and will not push a cheap substitute or fake stone as a ruby. At Kai Silver, we procure all gems directly from the mines and rely on our skilled gem cutters to shape and polish each stone. At the same time, we highly recommend that ruby rings that are priced at 1,500 U.S$ and above, should come with a certificate of authenticity from an independent gem testing laboratory. This would add another 50 U.S$ to your bill but, it will give you years and decades of stress free satisfaction. All rubies and sapphires are heat treated to improve clarity and color - gem experts accept this and it is not a cause for worry.

Ruby has always been the gem to signify undivided love and loyalty, and this goes much wider than just matrimonial relationships. If you believe in the metaphysical properties of gems, this is one gem that should be worn to celebrate your engagement and marriage. If you are impressed with the idea of wearing a birthstone engagement ring, Ruby represents the birthstone for the month of June. Many of you will be celebrating your relationship years from now with another ruby ring, this because the gem has a presence on the anniversary gemstone charts too.

You might have heard the rubies from Burma (now Myanmar) are the best - but you need to listen to logic before choosing a ruby based on specific origin. Burma has delivered some terrible rubies too, these come from the same mines that deliver the world's finest rubies! The price of rubies from Burma is at least 3 to 4 times higher than stones from Mozambique or other parts of Africa. The marketing hype in the kingdom of gems and jewel can illogically push up the price of gems, don't fall into that trap. Any level headed gem guru will agree with the vital tip that we are about to give you. When selecting a ruby engagement ring, give importance to color, clarity, carat size and treatment refuse to pay a premium just because of the origin of the gemstone. With rubies like most precious gems being priced per carat (weight unit), a larger ruby commands a higher price per carat. So choose a ruby ring with a moderate gem size, this will allow you to better spread your budget on gem quality.

We said that rubies are hard and durable, here is a quantifaction of that hardness. Diamonds are considered to be the hardest natural stones to be patronized by the jewelry industry, they measure a whole 10 on the Mohs scale. Rubies and sapphires come a close second and are rated at 9 on that scale. So while you would have to fuss little over your engagement ruby ring, make sure that the gem is not physically struck when you move around. What you need to be aware is that, the design of your ruby ring, the metal weight and the overall skill of the craftsman will also influence the durability of the jewel. This is precisely what makes choosing the right jeweler an essential element of buying a good ruby engagement ring.


Kaisilver Ruby Rings: Like all our custom jewelry, ruby rings are made as per specifications and concepts provided by the buyer. You can review some of our ruby engagement suggestions shown below but, do not need to limit your requirements to what you see here. We will not only accommodate any design changes that you need but can also, custom make your ruby ring according to your own design idea. With each ruby being picked right from the mines, you can be assured that you get a natural gem and not a factory made substitute. You can request for a gem authentication certificate for a small additional fee of 50 U.S$. The good thing about getting your ruby engagement ring from us is that,  you get the same quality of design and worksmanship for both gold and 925 silver rings. This allows you to  better utilize your finances without, having to be saddled with high metal costs for your ring. Both 14k and 18k gold rings are available in white, yellow or pink gold. While we will gladly plate your silver ruby engagement ring with rhodium or gold, you should know that no plating done on silver will last forever. If you choose to pick silver for your engagement ring we would suggest that, it be left unplated. Cleaning tarnish is an easy process for a silver jewel that has not been plated - you could do the cleaning on your own without much fuss or work. Our experts will be glad to explain the process and guide you on any issue related to gems and jewelry.


ruby engagement ring yellow or white gold custom ruby engagement rings
A ruby engagement ring that perfectly flaunts the sheer beauty of the oval ruby gem in the center. Custom made in 14k or 18k white, yellow or rose gold with a 9x7mm or 8x6mm oval custom cut ruby gemstone. Good metal weight and can be ordered in gold or sterling silver ... more. A fine ruby gold or silver engagement ring, designed to keep pace with an active lifestyle. The modest 6mm round ruby gem in this ring appears excitingly substantial due to the perfect band width of the ring. Choose a gold or silver ring and be assured of fine craftsmanship ... more.


kaisilver ruby gemstone engagement ring white gold engagement ring with ruby
A dream ruby engagement ring for those of you who fancy a square ruby gem. An impeccable design provides the ideal 'L' shaped prongs to protect the corners of the square ruby gem from physical impact. The diamonds on the shoulders of the ring add glitter to this ruby gem stone ring.  Made to order in gold or silver .... more. A white gold ruby engagement ring with simple elegance and confident style. The traditional single gem engagement ring concept, topped with the contempary design cut out in gold. An absolutely gorgeous ring for that special event. Available as a gold or sterling silver ruby ring and custom made in all sizes ... more.



How To Order

If you wish to order a mens ring or any other jewel from us, do email our support experts at We do not wish to push you through the process by those BUY NOW gimmicks! All our custom jewelry is created for you and can be personalized to suit your preferences. The design, metal, dimensions and gemstones for your ring can all be tuned to your liking. We can infact make a completely different ring or jewel based on your design concept. Our support team is trained to provide advice and suggestions, we do not pressurize them to achieve sales targets by encouraging buyers to make an impulse purchase. Email us the item number, your choice of gold or silver and the gemstone that you prefer. If you need a gold ring also mention your selection for 14k or 18k gold, the options for yelllow or white gold are always provided.

We prefer payment through Paypal as it is safer for you and us. We also bank transfers and details for this can be provided on request. You can register for a Paypal account at no charge from their website at  You will never need to disclose bank or credit card details to a seller, if you use Paypal. This provides better security for your confidential information. Each jewel at Kaisilver is tailored to include individual customer preferences, we do not work with fixed moulds or catalogs. Every gem stone is handpicked and closely inspected before being custom cut. These processes require skilled craftsmanship and we are fully equipped to do it. The production time for your jewel would be around 4 to 6 weeks from the date of payment being made and order confirmation. Shipping is through FEDEX and you will receive the tracking number the moment the item ships.


Who Is Kaisilver.

More than 10,000 gem and jewelry lovers from 17 nations rely on us for all their gem and jewelry requiremetns. We are the world's leading online highend custom jewelry provider. We welcome both gold and silver jewelry orders with gem stones of your choice. The designs for your custom jewelry can be yours or ours, all design modifications are possible. We are the only highend jewelry provider to provide the same attention, craftsmanship, design and gemstones for both gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Kaisilver buyers include jewelry lovers from all walks of life. Fashion models, journalists, doctors and surgeons, politicians, hotel and casino owners, members of the armed forces, sportsmen, students, professors, lawyers, financial experts, housewives and others form our esteemed clientele. We welcome even the smallest order and will be glad to sources even one single piece of a hard to find gem stone for you. Do contact our support team at with any queries or requirements that you might have.

Some Kaisilver Buyer Testimonials

....received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as an EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Florida, U.S.A

I received the ring on Friday, December 21 at 3:14 PM. It looks gorgeous! The ring crafters did an excellent job with it. I highly commend all of the workers who were involved with the production of this ring. The band is very masculinely thick, yet the fit of the ring is buttery smooth. The cut amethyst looks wonderful in the setting - more so than I had expected. Your sales staff has been extremely professional throughout the past weeks since I ordered the ring. I am sure that I will speak highly of Kaisilver in the years to come. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Great Job! I will be your best salesman here. Thank you, Tony Elrod, U.S.A

Dear Kaisilver Associates, I would like to take this opportunity to personally offer my recommendation of Kaisilver for top-quality custom jewelry. I located Kaisilver through the internet and was, as you might imagine, somewhat apprehensive about sending money to people I had never met. Nevertheless, I used PayPal and we began working on a custom-designed gold pendant for me.... Associates of Kaisilver worked with me every step of the way graciously, courteously, and promptly, accepting the ideas that would work and recommending alternatives to ideas that would not work..... Another part of the process I would like to emphasize is Kaisilver's thoroughness and conviction to customer satisfaction.....I am pleased to recommend Kaisilver for your custom jewelry needs and feel certain they will meet your expectations with the same dedication demonstrated toward me. Mr.Carl Weeder, U.S.A.

I have to say that the ring and pendant are by far the most beautiful Jewellery I have ever seen! You can just tell by the weight and detail that they are one of a kind! Everything I asked for was done with no fuss, even suggestions were made as to what was best for me. The Jewellery only took 6 weeks to be hand made and sent to me, delivery was very fast and I even got a tracking number. The communication for Kaisilver staff was excellent, always friendly and I was never made to feel like I was bothering them. You can email them anytime and they will respond within a day. Everyone who has seen my Jewellery can't believe how beautiful the ring and pendant is. I really can't thank you all enough. I don't mind if Kaisilver shows my email address so that other people can ask me questions about the Jewellery. Thanks again!! Ms. Lauren Johnstone, Scotland, U.K


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