Opal Claddagh Rings, Custom Claddagh Rings With White Opal Or Fire Opal Gems

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Opal Claddagh Rings

Custom Gold Or Silver Claddagh Opal Rings

Available in 14k or 18k White or Yellow Gold With All Gem Stone Options

Opal claddagh rings can be worn for the sheer beauty of opals. You can ofcourse choose to wear opal claddagh rings as birthstone rings too. It is necessary for jewelry designs to consider the physical properties of the gemstones used, this is true of opal claddagh rings too. There are different types and colors of opals and Kaisilver claddagh opal rings, can normally be ordered with white opal or fire opal gemstones. Let us know if you prefer ordering your claddagh opal ring with a black opal gemstone. This would be more expensive than white opal or fire opal, we will send you a specific price quote for the same. The next few paragraphs will provide more information on opal claddagh rings. We will also discuss why a Kaisilver claddagh ring, is well suited for the opal gemstone. All Kaisilver opal claddagh rings are made with handpicked and custom cut opal gems.

Characteristics Of Opal Gems
Most buyers admire opal claddagh rings because of their beauty. It is important to understand the physical properties of opals. You will then understand how to wear, store and clean your opal claddagh ring. With the increasing popularity of opal claddagh rings, jewellers are rushing to make more of these rings. This is resulting in ring designs that are not suited for the opal gemstone. There is also a lack of information as, sellers do not care to inform buyers regarding the opal gemstone. The fact is that most of the beauty of opals, is derived from the moisture content in the gemstone. This means that anything that will rob the opal of it's moisture, would reduce the beauty of your opal claddagh ring. Besides this, opal claddagh rings should also be worn with care as, physical impact can chip or scratch the opal gem stone. It is not very difficult to keep your claddagh opal rings looking good for a long time. Just understand the gemstone and follow a few simple precautions. When storing your ring, keep it away from heat sources and sharp or pointed objects. For cleaning claddagh opal rings use, cool water and a very soft moist cloth. Do not add any detergents or chemicals to the water. It is also not advisable, to clean claddagh opal rings in ultrasonic cleaners.

We have put together a collection of some gorgeous opal claddagh rings on this page. We have included white and yellow gold, remember that Kaisilver also provides high quality silver opal claddagh rings. Each of these claddagh opal rings are crafted by some of the finest craftsmen. Opal gems are procured directly from the mines and custom cut by our gemstone cutters. The same set of craftsmen work on the gold and silver claddagh opal rings, you therefore get excellent quality for both options. All rings are available in 14k or 18k gold and pricing is the same for yellow or white gold opal claddagh rings.

custom claddagh opal ring, yellow or white gold
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A large number of opal claddagh rings include white opal gems. Good quality white opal gems will look good in yellow or white gold opal claddagh rings. Kaisilver claddagh opal gemstone rings can be ordered in white or yellow gold. We would recommend 14k gold opal claddagh rings as, they will be harder (more durable) as compared to 18k gold claddagh rings. The intricate details on the hands and band of our opal claddagh rings is possible because, of the individual attention given to every ring. Follow the suggestions provided above when wearing, storing or cleaning your opal gemstone claddagh rings. This will ensure that, your opal claddagh ring looks good and stays in shape for many years to come. The opal claddagh ring is a great choice for those, looking for a heart shaped opal ring. If you are on a limited budget go for a silver opal claddagh ring. We provide the same quality of craftsmanship and opal gems for gold or silver opal claddagh rings.

gold or silver fire opal claddagh rings
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Fire opal claddagh rings are a unique type of opal rings. The fact is that fire opal is probably the only type of opal that, can be found with a high degree of transparency. Most other claddagh opal gemstone rings would have opals that, are transluscent or opaque. The color of the fire opal gemstone can range from, a pale orange to a deep orange that has red tones. With the bright color tone of the fire opal gemstone it would obviously mean that, this gemstone is suitable for yellow or white gold opal claddagh rings. Fire opal claddagh rings would not show much color play on the gemstone. The name 'fire' opal comes from the color (orange flame color) of the gemstone. Kaisilver claddagh ring designs provide a firm gemstone mounting and also protect the border of the gemstone from side impact. High quality gold or sterling silver claddagh fire opal rings are available. Let us know which shade of fire opal you prefer, when ordering your fire opal claddagh ring.

Claddagh white opal ring in white gold
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You would expect white opal claddagh rings to look pale and boring if made in white gold. The RG228 white opal claddagh ring in white gold proves this to be wrong. A fair degree of color play and flashes on a white opal gemstone, will ensure that the gem looks gorgeous in yellow or white gold. At Kaisilver opals are handpicked and closely inspected before being custom cut. The fact that we have preferential access to opals from miners means that, you will not end up with a pale and lifeless white opal gemstone for your claddagh ring. When ordering white opal claddagh rings in white gold from other jewellers, ensure that you will not end up with a dull gemstone that looks more like a piece of plastic. There is really no need to settle for junk opal gems in yellow or white gold rings. We would suggest a gemstone size of around 7mm to 8mm for your opal claddagh ring. This would ensure that a significant part of the gemstone is still visible even with, the gold border around the gemstone.

Why Buy Kaisilver Opal Claddagh Rings
Researched design: A team of Kaisilver experts have researched the history and tradition of the claddagh ring. The research that lasted several months, gave us an accurate insight into the features of the ring and meaning of the features. Our opal claddagh rings are designed with inputs from this research. This ensures that every Kaisilver claddagh ring retains the meaning and significance of the orignal ring made around 375 years ago. No other jeweller understands this ring as well as we do. The design also ensures good durability by providing, a healthy metal weight and firm gemstone mounting for these claddagh opal rings. Your Kaisilver claddagh opal ring combines good looks, meaning and longterm durability.

Good craftsmanship: Our opal claddagh rings are not mass produced. Each claddagh opal ring is made by very skilled craftsmen and artisans. Remember that good craftsmanship is important not only for good appearance but also, for sturdy mounting of gemstones and perfect finishing of the gold or silver mounting. The quality of our craftsmanship is also observed in the, perfect custom cutting of every opal gem stone. Another very important thing is that, the quality of craftsmanship does not diminish for silver opal claddagh rings. The same quality standards and craftsmen are maintained for silver or gold claddagh opal rings. A great design and good craftsmanship are aided by strict quality control checks at every stage of production.

Choice of opals: These opal claddagh rings can be ordered with any opal gemstone of your choice. You can infact choose just about any gemstone and not just opals for your claddagh ring. Details are provided for each of the items shown above, we will provide you with a specific price quote if your opal or other gemstone option, is not mentioned on the price tables. Our opals are procured from miners and custom cut by our craftsmen. We therefore have a huge selection of opals to choose from, this works to your advantage too. Most jewellers restrict you to a fixed set of gemstones that they have. At Kaisilver, there are no limitations as we work with leading jewelry producers in 5 nations.

Gold or silver: We are the only source for high quality claddagh opal rings in gold or sterling silver. No other jeweller would be willing to custom make a single piece silver opal claddagh ring for you. You get the same high degree of customization, range of gemstone options and good craftsmanship for sterling silver or gold opal claddagh rings. For the gold opal claddagh ring, you can choose from 14k or 18k. White or yellow gold opal claddagh rings are priced the same. If you are looking for a silver opal claddagh ring, leave the ring unplated. Rhodium or gold plating on your silver claddagh opal ring might make the ring look gorgeous at the beginning. But the plating will soon wear off and the ring would not look very good when that happens.

Customization: This is another feature of all Kaisilver jewelry that, no other jeweller can match. You can request for design changes, or ask for a completely new design. Opal claddagh rings can be ordered with etchings inside the band, design changes like elimination of the crown in the ring can also be accomodated. As already mentioned above, all gemstone options can be selected for your Kaisilver claddagh ring. All this is possible because of the, complete control that we have over the production process. Gemstone cutting, metal casting, filing, polishing, setting and multiple quality control checks are all done by Kaisilver experts.

Who Is Kaisilver?
With over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones, we are the world's largest online provider for high end custom made jewelry. If you have not heard of Kaisilver, never seen us on TV or magazines, it is because we do not wish to add these lavish marketing expenses to our price tags. We do not indulge in close out or blow out gimmicks and do not sell light weight substandard junk jewelry on smart talking television shopping slots. We rely completely on buyer satisfaction to stay and grow, this explains our fanatic quest for high quality standards in service and merchandise. Ours buyers include government officials, financial experts, lawyers, bankers, professors, students, doctors and surgeons, housewives, fashion models, sportsmen, hotel and resort owners and others. Over 6,000 buyers in 17 nations rely on Kaisilver for all gemstone and jewelry requirements. Most buyers are referred to by other buyers and repeat buyers are many.

Kaisilver Buyer Testimonials
received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Florida

I received the pendant today and am absolutely thrilled. It is extraordinarily beautiful. My mom will be overjoyed. Your help, attention to detail, timeliness and overall kindness were truly above and beyond my expectations and highly unusual in the world today. Thank You Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Truly Yours, Ms.Monika Schwarz, IN, U.S.A

Hello, My wife was absolutely over the moon with her two pendants. I gave her the Ruby pendant on our anniversary and she was delighted.....the Swiss blue Brazilian Topaz Pendant I gave her on her birthday, and she was in tears that people from so far away and who did not know her could be so kind to her and she sends you her thanks and good wishes. Mr.Ron Gairns, US.

The ring arrived today! It is amazing! The ring fits perfect and is the best cat ring I have ever seen. I will be sure and leave feedback. Thank you! This is a wonderful blessing and I know I could never find anything like this is the US. You have done wonderful work! Ms. Donna Wood, U.S

How To Buy Our Jewelry
Do not hurry to place your order with us. We would like you to make a well informed decision and would like to answer all your queries and doubts before you place your order. It would have been easy for us to install an online order and payment module on our website and take advantage of those impulse orders from buyers. But that is not our intention and we prefer to be on your side rather than act like a pushy seller. Firstly, send all your queries and doubts to us at sales@kaisilver.com A team of designers and craftsmen answer all queries and you will get no high pitched sales talk. We will guide you through the process of making a decision and then give you time to make up your mind. This is an outdated method of doing online business but we have preferred to keep things this way.

Payment can be made through Paypal and our email for paypal is info@kaisilver.com We are International Verified Premium Account holders with paypal so you can bid with confidence. You can register for a free paypal account at http://www.paypal.com We also accept payments through Western Union Money Transfers and International Money Orders in U.S$. Let us know if you prefer these modes of payment and we will provide details for the same. In most cases, your local bank would help you with the Western Union Money Transfers.

Shipping charge is 25 U.S$ and merchandise will be shipped within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time due to the high degree of skilled craftsmanship required and the custom cutting of every gemstone that we use. We will never hurry your order by compromising on quality of material or craftsmanship. The best way to have your Kaisilver jewelry in time is to order it sufficiently in advance.

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More On Opal Claddagh Rings
We have mentioned above that opal rings   could be worn as birthstone rings. Claddagh opal rings would represent the birthstone for the month of October and the zodiac sign Libra. A birthstone ring has meaning and significance on it's own, choosing an opal claddagh ring would add the meaning of the claddagh ring to your birthstone ring. This is one reason why opal claddagh rings are a good choice for October birthstone rings. The most popular types of claddagh opal gemstone rings, are made with fire opal or white opal.

Do not be put off by the care that needs to be taken when wearing, storing or cleaning your opal claddagh ring. The truth is that every gemstone has it's own physical characteristics, these will need to be considered when wearing or handling gemstone jewelry. For example, tanzanite rings   should not be worn when doing a physical work like cleaning the garden, excercising etc. Similarly Emerald rings   should not be soaked in water as, they could lose the natural oils that are used to treat all emeralds. Jewellers do not prefer to disclose all facts to buyers, this is a sad truth. Opal claddagh rings are really not difficult to take care of, all you need to know is a few simple precautions. If you have read this complete page, you are already equipped to get many years of satisfaction from your claddagh opal ring. If you have found this information to be useful, pass the link on to your friends. It does not matter if we do not sell any opal claddagh rings, all that is important is for buyers to be fully informed.

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