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Carnelian Mens Rings

 Gold Or Silver Ring For Men

Mens Rings In 14k or 18k White Or Yellow Gold. Also In Silver. With All Gem Options.

The MAN69 carnelian ring for men is a classic jewel that combines a smart external appearance with features for longterm durability. Most carnelian gems are cut with a smooth (cabachon cut) as shown in the image. While the reddish orange color of carnelian gems appeals to many men, it is not rare for mens rings to be ordered with pale orange carnelian gemstones too. You can request for a light or deep color for the gem stone in your gold or sterling silver carnelian gem stone ring.

Before we discuss the features of this men's carnelian gem stone ring, let us spend some time talking about the features of carnelian as a gem. Basically a carnelian gem is a type of agate, the gem shows more of an orange red color shade as compared to the brown or yellowish brown of an agate. When it comes to mens rings, one factor that is very essential is durability. You need to have a jewel that is strong and sturdy to keep pace with the active lifestyle of todays men. A gold or sterling silver mens ring will also need to consider the fact that, men do not take too much care of the jewels that they wear. So you would surely want to know just how durable a carnelian stone is. Gemstones are measured for hardness on what is known as a Mohs scale, the hardest rating on this scale gets a whole 10. A carnelian gemstone rates a 7 for hardness on the Mohs scale, this makes it suitable for mens rings. Your jeweler will need to ensure that the gem in your carnelian ring for men is not cut too thin, proportionate thickness needs to be maintained based on the overall dimensions of the gemstone. If your jeweler does not know this simple requirement or behaves like he does not, dump the jeweler and find another one.

mens carnelian gem stone ring
A stunning men's ring with carnelian gemstone. Good metal weight of 20 to 25 grams. The center gemstone is a 12x10mm oval carnelian gem stone. Available as a 14k or 18k mens ring, options for white or yellow gold are also available. The sterling silver mens carnelian ring has good craftsmanship too. You can choose the gem stone of your choice for this ring.


mens gem stone ring with carnelian carnelian ring for men, silver or gold carnelian rings
gold or sterling silver mens ring, carnelian gem stone ring mens mens gem stone rings, silver or gold

Back to the carnelian mens ring, we will describe the essential features of the jewel. The ring has a hand picked and custom cut carnelian stone, the gem is not cut with a very high profile. The modest price of this gem encourages many gem cutters to provide too much depth to the gem. This increases the weight of the carnelian and most gems are sold by weight! While we do not recommend a very thin carnelian gem for your men's ring, a high protruding gem is also not advised. A mens ring with a carnelian that protrudes too much above the ring mounting, is prone to getting the stone damaged through physical impact. The researched design of this carnelian mens gold or 925 silver ring ensures that, the ideal depth is maintained for the gem. This reduces the chances of the stone being struck by physical impact.

An additional feature that aides durability is the way the gem has been mounted. This ring has what is regarded as, the ideal gem mount for a men's ring. The entire gem is bordered with metal, this keeps it firmly in place. It is well known that the thinnest part of a cut gem is at the edges, the metal border protects the edge from side impact too. It does not take too much research to understand that this gem mounting calls for healthy metal weight. Unfortunately high gold prices have encouraged jewelers to produce light weight junk jewels and play down the importance of metal weight in achieving durability. We will discuss more about the metal weight of this classic mens carnelian ring in the next paragrapgh.

The metal weight of any jewel has a very important function, this relates to the durability of the jewel. It is interesting how rising metal prices have encouraged jewelers to produce increasingly lighter jewels. While this might seem to be a good idea to keep jewels affordable, the longterm scenario is quite bad. When you make a jewel with a low weight, the thickness of gold or silver reduces. This obviously means that the jewel can dent or deform easily. The type of gem stone mounting used in a jewel will be influenced by the overall metal quantity used to produce the ring. If your mens carnelian ring was designed and produced with insufficient metal weight, you would not see the kind of solid and reliable gemstone mounting that you see in the image. Your MAN69 carnelian mens gemstone ring will have a minimum weight of 20 to 25 grams and this is a wholesome metal weight. If we find that your ring size is very large and calls for additional metal weight, we will not hesitate to let you know that at the time of order confirmation. The additional weight would not involve an additional cost if it was a silver mens ring but, in the case of gold we might have to make a slight upward revision in the price.


Gold Options 14k or 18k white or yellow gold.
Sterling Silver Options Recommend no plating. Can plate white or yellow gold, rhodium.
Ring Weight 20 to 25 grams.
Gemstone Options All gem stone options.
Ring Sizes. All ring sizes available.
Band Width Behind Finger 6mm (0.6cm)
Ring Head Height 15mm (1.5cm)
Gem size. 12x10mm oval. Some gems 9x7mm oval or 10x8mm oval.

Below is a price table for the MAN69 with various gemstone options. The price of  yellow and white gold carnelian men's rings is the same. If you choose a sterling silver mens carnelian gem stone ring we would suggest that, it be left without any rhodium or other plating. This is because all plating on silver wears off with time. Since every mens ring is fully custom made, you can request for design changes. For example, the same concept of the MAN69 ring can be retained while keeping a round gem stone instead of the oval one as shown in the image.

Gem Options and Pricing For The MAN69 Ring, Gemstone 12x10mm oval and 10x8mm oval

man69 gemstone options and pricing


Gem Options And Pricing For The MAN69 Ring, Gemstone 9x7mm Oval

man69 carnelian mens ring pricing small gemstone


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