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Man Black Onyx Ring

Custom Black Onyx Men's Rings


There is something majestic and stylish about a man black onyx ring. This explains the steadily growing popularity of man black onyx rings. In this section we have put together a selection, of high quality men's black onyx rings from Kaisilver. Since every gold or silver men's black onyx ring is fully custom made, there are no limitations on design or dimensions. This means that any ring from our website or even your own design, can be ordered as a black onyx men's ring. Keeping this in mind, we have included a few additional designs for men's rings that would be suitable for your man black onyx ring. It does not matter whether you order a gold or silver man black onyx ring, we provide good weight, custom cut gems and good craftsmanship for gold and silver rings. You can choose yellow or white gold black onyx men's rings. The gemstone looks great in both gold colors, so follow your personal preference.

Through the various designs in this page, we would like to demonstrate the features of a good man black onyx ring. Each buyer would have his own vision regarding, what makes a good gold or silver black onyx men's ring. However some vital features of man black onyx rings, are needed to provide strength and durability to the rings. These features should exist in every man black onyx ring irrespective of the design. They are not optional and should be inbuilt into a gold or sterling silver black onyx man ring. Observe the designs shown below, click the link of the designs that interest you and pay close attention to the details provided. You will not find any sales hype on these pages, the idea is not to sell you a man black onyx ring. The objective is to guide you to make the right selection.

All Jewelry Is Available With All Gemstone Options In Gold Or Sterling Silver

white gold men's black onyx ring with diamond Men's black onyx claddagh ring
Excellent man black onyx ring with optional diamonds on the side. Suitable for a special occassion men's onyx wedding band ring or for casual wear.   for full details
A tremendous history and meaning for this 375 year old legend. The Claddagh ring with black onyx gemstone. Easily the most meaningful man black onyx ring that you will find.

silver or gold man black onyx ring made to order black onyx ring for men
An imposing men's black onyx ring with initials. This ring has the option for two gemstones, providing an interesting design for a men's onyx birth stone ring.   for full details
Another initial men's ring with a simpler design layout. Like all other Kaisilver jewelry, this man black onyx gemstone ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver.   for full details

Choosing A Man Black Onyx Ring
Design: The function of the design of your men's black onyx ring will be two fold. The first function would be to make the onyx ring attractive to you. Each person would have their opinion of what appears good and what does not. You obviously would not buy a man black onyx gem stone ring if it did not look good. Another very important function of the ring design is to, ensure and enhance the durability of your man black onyx ring. This function will involve many technical factors like proportionate metal weight, type of gemstone mount, protection for the gemstone etc. The jeweller should ideally ensure that these issues are taken care of, but unfortunately most jewellers compromise on these issues, hoping to capture mass markets. Every Kaisilver jewelry design, is researched by team of designers and jewelry production experts.

Metal: The rich black color of the onyx gemstone makes is look great in sterling silver or gold. If you are selecting a man black onyx gold ring, the choice of a yellow or white gold men's onyx ring will be available. Luckily, the gemstone looks awesome in both gold colors, the choice is therefore easy to make. Men's rings are generally of a large size and dimension, this requires proportionately high metal weight. If you find the price of a gold man black onyx ring to be beyond your budget, consider a strong and sturdy men's silver black onyx gemstone ring. Do not select rhodium, gold or other plating for your silver man black onyx ring. The plating would wear off after a while and leave the ring looking patchy and awful. The choice of a silver or gold black onyx men's ring should not affect the quality of craftsmanship, we will discuss this in detail below. Kaisilver provides high quality jewelry including, men's black onyx gemstone rings in gold or sterling silver.

Craftsmanship: Good craftsmanship would obviously add to the good looks of your black onyx man ring. There are a few more advantages of providing good craftsmanship for your ring. A skilled craftsman working on your man black onyx ring, would also ensure a solid and firm mounting for the gemstone. Remember that good cutting of the onyx gemstone also requires skilled gemstone cutters. Kaisilver jewelry is custom made by over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and artisans. Every gemstone is handpicked and closely inspected, custom cutting is then done by skilled cutters. The most unique part of the Kaisilver man black onyx ring is that, equally good craftsmanship is provided for gold or silver men's onyx rings (and all other jewelry).

Gemstone protection: It is necessary to understand that men generally, do not take as much care of their jewelry as the ladies. An intense research was conducted by a Kaisilver team to understand, the habits and lifestyle of modern men. These inputs have proved valuable in designing high quality men's rings. The best way to mount the gemstone in your gold or silver man black onyx ring would be, to have the entire edge covered with metal. A prong type setting would reduce metal requirement but, would compromise on durability. Prongs could stick in pockets and other places, this causes them to gradually open up and loosen the gemstone. Protection from side impact is vital for longterm durability. Do not go for a black onyx men's gemstone ring where, the gemstone protrudes too much from the mounting. A low profile gemstone cut will reduce the chances, of the onyx gemstone being damaged from frontal impact. Observe the Kaisilver men's onyx rings shown above, the gemstone is specially cut to a low profile.

Customization: If you are looking for a good and sturdy man black onyx ring, it is unlikely that a ready made ring would serve your purpose. Ready made jewels would reduce your options and are also made to please mass markets. Such rings would have low metal weight and concentrate on low price tags. The safest way is to order a custom men's black onyx gemstone ring. This would ensure that, the weight of the ring is suitable for the ring size and dimensions. You could also insist on all the above features being present in your ring. The gemstone size and shape could also be customized to suit your preference. You might like the overall design of a man black onyx ring but, prefer a round gemstone instead of an oval one. A readymade ring would not allow you to make this choice and you would need to make a compromise. Similarly, the design and structure of an onyx ring might impress you but the high price tag, could be beyond your budget. The best option here would be to get a good quality custom silver men's black onyx ring. Men in general, do not buy jewelry for themselves very often. For this reason, ensure that you get a good black onyx men's ring with the minimum amount of compromises.

Who Is Kaisilver?
The Name You Can Trust: Kaisilver is the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewellery. Our buyers include fashion models, news readers, hotel and resort owners, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, business professionals and doctors. We are directly networked to all the leading gemstone producers in over 15 nations. Over 3,500 skilled craftsmen and 5 of the best designers work on all Kaisilver orders.

All our jewelry is custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can choose from yellow or white gold and all gemstone options are available. Sterling silver is also an option and good craftsmanship is provided for silver and gold jewelery. Since each piece is individually made, all design modifications are available. You can even send us images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

Some Buyer Comments
No Sales Hype, No Gimmicks

.......hi received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as a EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Beverly Hills, Florida

Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant.Mr William Padgett, MD, U.S

We received this ring today. It is absolutely beautiful and we are completely delighted with it. I think when we get married, we will come back to you for wedding rings. With our best regards and many thanks, Katherine Irwin and Andrew Coles, U.K

The ring arrived and it is beautiful. Thank you for such a wonderful job. I will be looking at your website over the next couple of weeks to place an additional order. Your workmanship and pricing is excellent. Thanks again, Dr. David Williams, U.S.A

I absolutely love the ring. The opal is gorgeous. I didn't think it was going to have that much color to it. I got fast responses to all my questions and notification when my ring was going to ship. Thank you all, Danielle-Panama City, Florida

The cat ring is beautiful and elegant, and so so cute. I can't believe you got it to me before my girlfriends' birthday. I felt truly touched, at all the care you put into the product, and for the beautiful little bag it came with, and for your lovely card. Thank you for your understanding, care and expediency. God bless you for it! I have never been treated this way as a customer! THANK YOU! Mr. Eugene Iosilevich U.S.A

Dear Ms. Nok: Just a note to say “Thank You” to you and your company. The Emerald Claddagh Ring that I ordered for my wife’s birthday arrived today, in time for her surprise birthday party this coming Saturday. The ring is beautiful, more than I expected. And you have provided excellent service. I would definitely consider using your company again if I’m in the market for jewelry, and would recommend you to others. Thanks again for your excellent service. Mr.Daniel Ray, CFP, U.S.A

Ordering Kaisilver Custom Jewelry.
Do not be in a hurry to confirm and pay for your jewelry. Take your time to read and understand all details. If you have any further queries or doubts please email us at and we will be glad to clear all your doubts. It does not matter whether the final order comes to us or not. The only important thing is that you make a well informed decision and do not make an impulse purchase. This is the way that we prefer to do business as it helps us bring back the human touch to online selling.

Shipping charges are 25 U.S$ and shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time due to the immense amount of hand work involved in finishing each ring. All gemstones and diamonds are hand picked by experts and every gemstone is custom cut by highly skilled craftsmen. Kaisilver follows some of the strictest quality control standards and each jewel is a true high end masterpiece. Shipping is done through FEDEX and we will provide you with the tracking number when the shipment is made.

Payment can be made through paypal to our email for paypal INFO@KAISILVER.COM and you can register for a free paypal account at   Paypal is our preferred form of payment and we do not recommened Western Union Money Transfers for first time buyers. Do let us know if you still prefer Western Union as a mode of payment and we will provide you with details for the same.

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Suggestions For Your Man Black Onyx Ring
Keep the design of your black onyx men's ring simple and streamlined. This will reduce the chances of the ring getting damaged by physical impact. A simple design with no protrusions and engravings will also make it easy to clean your man black onyx ring. A silver onyx men's ring would tarnish like all silver jewelry does. Do not believe in anti-tarnish platings, these are temporary and will soon peel off in patches. Use a soft moist cloth to wipe your silver man black onyx ring, do this around once a week. It will eliminate or reduce, severe tarnish from appearing on your men's black onyx silver ring. Choose a black onyx men's ring with a few small diamonds if, you wish to wear the ring as a wedding or engagement ring.

If you believe in the meta physical properties of gemstones, your man black onyx ring is believed to bring balance and stability in your life. The onyx gemstone is also worn to remove negative emotions and thoughts. This is related to the faith that individuals have in gemstones, we do not pass any judgement regarding the supernatural powers of our gems.

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