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Opal Claddagh rings. Custom claddagh rings in 14k or 18k gold. Also sterling silver. Options for white opal and fire opal claddagh rings. ... more.

Mens blue lapis ring, yellow or white gold lapis rings for men. Also sterling silver lapis rings. Options for 14k or 18k gold lapis rings. .... more.

Carnelian mens gem stone ring. Classic sturdy carnelian gem stone ring in gold or sterling silver. 18k or 14k mens rings with gem stone .... more.

Customized mothers ring, multi gem stone ring suitable for family birth stone ring. Your designs or ours, choose white or yellow gold. ... more.

Red garnet gem stone ring. Mens garnet ring in gold or 925 sterling silver. For the mens gold garnet ring, choose 14k or 18k gold in yellow or white gold. .... more.

Impresive tanzanite and diamond ring for men. Handpicked and custom cut eye clean tanzanite gem stone. Yellow or white gold tanzanite mens rings. .... more.

Gold or sterling silver black onyx ring. Available with all gem stone options, sturdy black onyx mens gemstone ring made to order. .... more.

Mens gem stone rings, custom rings for men in gold or sterling silver. All gem stone options for your mens rings. Your designs or ours. .... more.

Multi gem stone bracelets, custom gold or 925 silver bracelets from Kaisilver. Choice of all gem stones and yellow or white gold bracelets. .... more.

Mens crosses, gold or sterling silver crosses for men. Yellow or white gold made to order cross pendants for men. Choose from our designs or send us yours. .... more.

Claddagh rings, gem stone claddagh rings in gold or sterling silver. Pink tourmaline claddagh ring with diamonds. Custom claddagh jewelry. .... more.

Amethyst cufflinks, classic custom made gold or silver custom cufflinks with natural amethyst gemstones. Available with all other gem options too ... more.

Black onyx gem stone ring for men. Custom onyx gemstone ring for men, gold or sterling silver. Sturdy and impressive mens ring ... more.

Diamond initial gold pendant, a custom yellow or white gold diamond pendant with your choice of initial. Also choose the font for your initial diamond pendant ... more.

Ruby sapphire emerald bracelet. The BRC100 Kaisilver bracelet is gorgeous and fully customizable ... more.

A big heart pendant is a jewel that signifies love, the size and dimensions of your large heart pendant depend on a number or factors. Check the report ... more.

Stunning mens amethyst ring, a gold or 925 silver amethyst gemstone ring for men. Hefty metal weight, fine craftsmanship and a handpicked and custom cut gem ... more.

The claddagh ring resource, suggestions for gold and silver claddagh rings. Get to know more about the history and meaning of the claddagh ring ... more.

Feng Shui gemstones and beliefs related to gems, connect specific gems to specific directions. While Kaisilver does not claim special powers for any gemstone, we can provide you with gems that you believe are useful in the feng shui practice ... more.

With colored gems making an impressive show as engagement and wedding rings, young couples are keen to shop for ruby engagement rings. The fairly steep price of ruby rings makes it necessary to carefully evaluate options ... more.

Bridal rings seem to shift from diamonds to colored gemstones and now, a more consistent demand for antique bridal rings is pushing it's way through. Antique bridal jewelry is being recreated with the fine craftsmanship and state of the art, gem cutting methods ... more.

.If you are looking for a quality bracelet, invest in a custom made bracelet from Kaisilver. Besides getting to choose the design and gems for you bracelet, you will also get a bracelet that is sturdy and long lasting. Learn why Kaisilver bracelets are the preferred choice ... more.

The above table lists some of the interesting jewelry presented on www.kaijewels.com We custom make all jewelry in gold or silver with gemstones of your choice. You can select from our design and request for any design change that you need. We also welcome your queries and designs for custom made jewelry. Email us at sales@kaisilver.com with any doubts or questions that you might have. You are welcome to include images, photos or sketches to better explain your requirements.